We Didn’t Start The Fire (Take 2)

Although the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was an accident, I can’t help myself but wonder “Where the hell are we heading?”. Is it me or does this recent catastrophe just seem like it’s kicking the snot out of us while we’re already as down as down can be. Erupting volcanoes, major earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, Michael Buble (OK, that didn’t have to be in there but you get the drift). If you don’t put any weight into the prophecies that say we’re right on track for doomsday, you have to admit one thing…

These natural disasters are occurring more frequently than in the past!

I can’t help but think of the old Billy Joel song ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ and wonder how it would apply to these natural disasters? Maybe something like this….feel free to sing along:

“Haiti, Chile earthquakes, all the lives they did take

Wild fires, mudslides, run away you can’t hide.

Hurricanes, tsunami, children screaming “Mommy!”

Twisters, typhoons, homes that now are in ruins.

We Didn’t Start The Fire, but it’s just our luck and we’re kinda stuck

We Didn’t Start The Fire, yes our world’s still turning, but right now it’s burning”

I don’t know Billy Joel, but I think he would appreciate my spin on his 1989 hit song. After all his lyrics were referring to events that kind of just fell in our laps per se, right? Isn’t this exactly what we’re experiencing right now? If you believe that these natural occurrences are the results of our actions, or just our bad luck to be residing on this sphere for the time being, either way ‘we’re kinda stuck’!

With that said, and then when you throw in the accidents like the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, do we really need any additional man-made tragedies? By man-made I simply mean what we’re doing to each other. Is the hatred that this U.S/Pakistan man had so great for us that he took it upon himself to park a truck full of explosives in Times Square with intentions to kill (his fellow) Americans? Thank God he was not successful in his attempt, but my point is ‘WHY?’ Why is there still hatred in a world that is for one reason or another preparing itself to totally obliterate its inhabitants?

I personally do not believe that we can ‘Save The Planet’. Our Earth has been around for billions of years and can totally sustain herself (yes, she is Mother Earth). We might just be the speck of infinity that tells her to refresh herself and cast us off like a bad dream. I do not know if we’re facing an impending doom, but I do recognize the frequency that these natural disasters now occur and it’s pretty scary. Scary enough to make me realize that we as co-inhabitants of this planet need to take our own measures to sustain ourselves as a race (the Human Race).


These natural disasters will unfortunately take care of that.


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