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Singer/Songwriter, Bassist, Vocalist, Activist, Author, Playwright, Ordained Minister

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As I continue on my journey of ONENESS,

And on the heels of my musical to inspire ONENESS,

I open my heart and share this with you through ONENESS…

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Now available from Balboa Press

A Division of Hay House Publishing, the World leader in Spiritual-based publications

Here is the video trailer:

Here is an excerpt taken from:

“I Am God” (And so are you my friend)

A Common Man’s Guide to ONENESS

“You see, my hopes are that the thoughts and messages I convey in this book regarding oneness will take some pressure off of your life. Our lives, especially nowadays are so stressed-filled with pressure it boggles the mind! But throughout the book, you’ll understand how due to the inclusion that oneness represents, you’ll naturally lose much if not all of that stress. You’ll see how this book comes at the most crucial of times for our society. Our world as we see and experience first-hand has approached a boiling point, to say the least. The hatred and divisiveness that now runs rampant throughout the world have become the predominant energy that manifests what becomes daily life for us all. If you watch TV, listen to the radio, or browse the internet, you see what’s happening. I’ve written this book because every ounce of my being gets slowly ripped apart when I see these daily occurrences. It honestly breaks my heart. And here’s why. Because ‘I KNOW’ this is not how it’s supposed to be. Because ‘I KNOW’ that our world is in this state because we took it here. And most importantly because ‘I KNOW’ that we have the capacity to turn this train wreck around.”