I am happy to introduce you to my website! As it should be for a bass player and singer-songwriter and author, this site is the foundation for all of my musical and writing endeavors, so please feel free to explore! On the MUSIC tab you’ll find links to the songs from my 3 CD’s. There’s plenty of PHOTOS and VIDEOS, all of my LYRICS are posted and please check out the PLAYWRIGHT tab for my musical “THE PHONE CALL” as well as the AUTHOR tab for information on my newly released book “I AM GOD” (And so are you my friend) A Common Man’s Guide to Oneness.  You’ll also see that I recently became an ORDAINED MINISTER that allows me to perform ceremonies of all forms. You can find it all right here! You can also sign up and send me an email. You’ll also see the widgets for my Podcasts and Blogs as ‘That Oneness Guy’ to the right on each page for your convenience.


You can also use this site to take you to my other websites. Please click on the DR ONESONG FOUNDATION where you’ll find the link to that Facebook page. There you will find the organizations that I advocate for. You can hear additional music and find additional information on my ReverbNation site. I have plenty of additional videos on my YouTube page that feature ‘LIVE’ performances and speaking engagements, as well as many videos featuring my music and message of Oneness.



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So with that said let me now say that as an artist, author, and activist I find myself at a very special and important time in my life as I have been able to combine the three. As a solo artist, and especially as an acoustic bass guitarist my approach towards music is different. I’ve learned to structure chords on my bass that convey the warm, deep tones of the instrument so you immediately sense ‘something different’. This unique approach combined with the messages I’m trying to convey gives me hope that these songs can one day help people around the world in the same way that they’ve helped so many right here.


The music I’ve written is an expression of my spirituality and leads me to lend my songs to help the specific causes and concerns that I advocate for. The concept and idea that is ‘ONENESS’ is by far my greatest concern. You’ll see that as you explore the information I’ve posted regarding my musical, books, podcasts and vlogs. I also continue to advocate for; Cancer patients (especially children suffering from the affliction), global warming, bereavement, helping teenagers, the effects of 9-11, self-help, and especially our U.S. troops and veterans are some of the specific concerns. But it is through my spirituality that I tie these and the majority of my songs together to form one cohesive message:



Peace, Love, Light and Oneness