About Danny

By around the late 1970s on advice from my dear friend Ronnie, I started reading books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Even through his recent publications now 30 odd years later, the foundation for all of his works is that we are all one. He first said it in such a simplistic and catchy way that I used it in a song of mine. He said that if you break down the word universe’ it means; uni = ONE and verse = SONG. So our universe is Simply ONESONG.

So it is from this foundation that I write songs hoping to help the people and causes that I advocate for and to inspire as many people as possible. I cannot explain why I feel this inherent need to present my music from this point; I can only say that it has become more of my passion. I feel that through my gift of music I can reach people around the world and with that so I need to help and serve in this fashion.

It was the message of unity that my lyrics represented, that led me to uncover the spirituality that I came to know as ‘ONENESS’. Coming to know what Oneness embodies has been the perfect compliment to my music as I now have combined the two. Because of Oneness, I have been able to expand the venues that I use to convey my message. Those venues now include; the book “I Am God” (and so are you my friend) A Common Man’s Guide to Oneness. A second book nearing completion called ‘The WAYZ of Oneness. A musical, ‘The Phone Call’ A Musical to Inspire Oneness. And podcasts, blogs and vlogs as ‘That Oneness Guy’. I hope you take a look at what I’ve been talking about and singing about!

There is a large portion of our population that feels that no matter what efforts we take, the world and the people in it are going in a direction that cannot be stopped or changed. I for one do not think this way. I have a ‘’knowing’’ that we can most definitely change, and the way to change is to change how one thinks. This is a fundamental element of Oneness. If you believe that we are all doomed than that is what your energy is putting out to the world. On the other hand, if you believe (or come to a ‘’knowing’’) that we really do create our own lives and put that energy into the world that is what we can collectively manifest.

Michael Jackson said it best:  ‘‘I’m starting with the man in the mirror.’’ It starts with me and you.

I decided years ago that I want a better and safer world for the children and that I want peace and well-being for all. This is what I sing for. This is my song… ONESONG, and the message is ONENESS

Peace, Love, Light and continued Oneness