As an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery my mission is to utilize, spread and share a version of spirituality that has become a way of life for me now. It is simply the concept that is ‘ONENESS’. To me it is not just our connectedness to one another, but to all living beings, our planet and to our ‘higher source’ (what you would call your God, Spirit or Soul). When we come to remember our inherent truth that we all are one, life takes on new meaning and begins to flow more effortlessly. You immediately sense that because we are all connected, our thoughts take on so much more meaning. You understand that ‘what we think about expands’ and not only affects our own lives but truly does affect our entire world. This is why our world is in the shape that it is currently in! We are all living through what is the sum of our collective consciousness over centuries and millenia. Our ego’s and thoughts of being separate from one another have driven us to this point where it doesn’t bother us to do harm to one another. This is mind-boggling to me! But with that said, as much as a collective consciousness has driven us apart, it can also bring us back together. If our individual thoughts and consciousness can change to that of peace and oneness, than that can also branch out into our world and become a collective consciousness and in fact turn our world around! Many people laugh at this notion, but it is truly our only way back to peace and unity. It has been said in so many ways throughout history, but the simplest and easiest to understand is what Jesus meant when he said ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. I think that says it all. Why would we hurt or do harm to anyone when all we are doing is hurting ourselves. To me, that is ‘oneness’:



Throughout my life it has become natural for me to share my thoughts regarding oneness to my music. The inspiration I’ve received over the years has truly blown me away! And the art of songwriting has always been the perfect outlet for me. When I heard my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer many years ago describe how that the word ‘Universe’ when broken down means ‘One Song’, that resonated so very deeply to me. I immediately made it a staple to my music and songwriting. I even made it the name of my publishing company, ‘DR ONESONG MUSIC‘.





ONENESS has become the foundation of my life and all that I stand for. It is my mission and my sincere hopes that our world can back to our inherent truth that we truly are one race…THE HUMAN RACE. I send you Peace, Love & Light


As an Ordained Minister I can also counsel the hurt and suffering as well as share my thoughts on spirituality to any and all. I can also preside over ceremonies including baptisms, funerals and weddings. What I pride myself most in is that I will work with you and research to provide you with the best way to ‘customize’ your event. All to take into consideration what beliefs are most near and dear to your heart.