Imagine all the things you take for granted swept away,

And all you thought you had was gone.

Imagine times have changed, you face an unprotected day

But that’s not so, please take the time


And Say Thank You to a Veteran

Reach out and shake their hand

And know that you can sleep at night

They fought to save our land.

Say Thank You to a Veteran

For how they served us all

We know that freedom has a price

And they’re the special ones that took the call.


Remember holidays with family members by your side

And all the love you shared with them.

Remember wondering if those who served did not decide

To sacrifice for everyone



Now we see so many need our help, it’s a chance to serve them now

Understanding that they fought for us, we must fight for them somehow.

All together we can make a change,

We can sacrifice for them, pay the price for them, let our love for them shine.


Written Tuesday November 11, 2008 (Veterans Day)

Lyrics and music by Danny Rongo

With special thanks to Joe Arata, President of VETWORK