A generation passed me by, whoa did time fly!

Seeing decades turn the corner, see’em laugh and say ‘bye-bye’

All this a reminder, inevitable old-age finder

Kids all say ‘Its so far away and I really do not mind her’


Well I’m here to tell you, that no matter what you do

That growing old will come so fast, the days of youth just never last


SPREAD THE NEWS…..Rongo, Caravella Blues

JUST PAY YOUR DUES….Rongo, Caravella Blues


Being kids just having fun, in the snow and in the sun

Getting dates, act the fool, but predominantly cool

Always young, always on, never knew it would be gone

Cause the hands of time, like yours and mine eventually turn blue


So here I say to you, ‘Oh yes, it did come true!’

Now thinking of our days gone past, a major freakin pain in the ass


SPREAD THE NEWS…..Rongo, Caravella Blues

WE ALL HATE TO LOSE….Rongo, Caravella Blues


Well I’m here and can’t go back, that’s a straight matter of fact

Toss and turn, live and learn, play with fire still get burned

Moving slow, getting grey, think too long for things to say

If its all the same, forgot my name don’t know why I even bother


Guess what! I don’t give a damn; I still love green eggs and ham

‘Been there, done that’ my golden rule, don’t give a shit, nobody’s fool!


SPREAD THE NEWS…..Rongo, Caravella Blues

LIFE COMES IN TWO’S….Rongo, Caravella Blues