Life After Facebook

Hello my friends,

I wanted to share this update for those who have not yet had the opportunity to follow me on my YouTube page, LinkedIn, or via my email list.

So, how’s my life been now that I’m more than one month removed from Facebook (Twitter and Instagram too)? In a word, FREAKIN’ GREAT! I must say that at first, it was kind of a withdrawal process. After all, like most of us, as soon as I would wake up each morning, the first thing I would do is look at Facebook to see who may have responded to a post of mine, and to see what the general theme was for the day. Not doing that was weird at first, but as I made my way through the first week, it became much easier. The only difficult part was telling family and friends, who sent me a text to see if I saw a specific post, that I’m no longer on Facebook.

But honestly, It’s been a much needed and welcomed breath of fresh air! Even though I did not get involved in the arguments and debates that permeate the site, I was still subject to the negativity that they represent. And as a person who’s still trying to evolve spiritually, I knew that getting away from that was something that I had to do. It’s the same reason why I stopped watching the news. Because THERE’S NOTHING GOOD ON IT!

Let me please say that I don’t condemn anyone who is on Facebook. It does serve many aspects of our world today in a positive nature. If it’s something you like, and feel comfortable with, go nuts. It just doesn’t work for me.


I’m glad you asked! As it pertains to social media and networking, the only platforms that I have maintained are my YouTube page, where you can find my music videos, Oneness performances, and podcasts and vlogs as ‘That Oneness Guy’. I have also decided to keep my LinkedIn page because that always seemed to focus on businesses and not so much the opinions and debates that we see on Facebook. And I have also kept my ReverbNation site, which is pretty much just for my music.





I would greatly appreciate if you could SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube page. That is the site that will help me grow my following as a spiritual author and singer-songwriter. I have been adding ‘That Oneness Guy’ VLOGS to that site on a weekly basis. Here is the link for my most recent vlog:

I would also greatly appreciate it if you would be on my email distribution list. I typically only send about three emails in any given month, and again, it helps me to grow my presence. And for those who send me an email, with your mailing address, I will send you this FREE GIFT!



And finally, I want to say that my new book: “The WAYZ of Oneness” How to Navigate Through Life, is for all intents and purposes, done. What I have to decide now, is if I keep it as one book, or make it two! I’ve been writing this book throughout the shutdown from the pandemic, and before I knew it, I surpassed 100,000 words! So, I have to discuss the matter with my publisher Balboa Press and see which route I should take. Either way, I will keep you informed.

I thank you as always for your support as I continue to share my music and message of Oneness.

In Oneness,


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