I’m tired of being so responsible

Its time to take a break, and wash it all away

I’m gonna hold myself accountable

Its time to make or break, and turn it loose today


Home safe not gonna drive

I’ll stay right here and stay alive

Got everything I need

Some mad tunes, a huge TV

My favorite scotch The Balvenie

Perhaps a little weed? … So LETS GET RIPPED!


We all work hard so its acceptable

Its time to shut it down, and tear it loose right now

We’re gonna make this bash respectable

Its time to turn it up, and play it fuckin loud


Here we go we’re not alone

Just pour another chilled Patrone

Lets kick it into gear

Coronas have no end in sight, A Heineken or Miller Light

We have all kinds of beer … so LETS GET RIPPED!


My buzz is huge and unbelievable

I’m in the stratosphere, an altitude unknown

A bigger buzz would be impossible

Inebriated cyclone


Because its what we deserve, no need to conserve

So come on and LETS GET RIPPED!


And it’s our God-given right, to stay buzzed all night

So come on and LETS GET RIPPED!


Because we followed the script, and came well equipped


We chugged never sipped, and then double-dipped


My pants got unzipped, I’m so pussy whipped


So come on and LETS GET RIPPED! (3x and out)




September 26, 2011

(Inspired by watching Pat Guadagno play a rip-roaring drinking tune!)