Harmonize, to think and sing a melody as one
And then romanticize, while all the notes of life just come undone
You’re always there to hold me
When times are tough you told me
You just love – JUST LOVE

Fantasize, in hopes to find our world embracing peace
And never compromise, is the only way to see the hating cease
Don’t hesitate just start now
It’s not too late you’ll know how
You just love – JUST LOVE, JUST LOVE

So let it fill your every day, and be your one and only way
Within your heart is where it stays, now
Because it’s all we have to give, and if you truly want to live
Then let it all come from within, now

And you just love – JUST LOVE

Tranquilize, become the calm that nullifies the storm
That’s when you’ll neutralize, the hectic driven pace that was the norm
So let this message tell you
There’s nothing left you can do
You just love – JUST LOVE


April 15, 2012
Danny Rongo
Title from a phrase Andrea and I say often. Music and lyrics from pure inspiration