it isn’t you, this blackened sky. This uninvited foreign mass that makes you cry.

Its not your heart, its not your soul. Its not the love you feel inside that makes you whole. I
ts only here, but not for long. Find Pollyanna.

You have a choice, unlike us all. To cast aside the pain and fear or face the fall.
You need to know, beyond belief. As you think so shall you be is your relief.
This too shall pass, you made a choice. Find Pollyanna.

You’re indestructible, hope will win. Refuse to let any other thought in.
endure persist, love wont resist. Find Pollyanna.

You heard its gone that blackened sky and now its life and all its wonders make you high.
You feel your heart, you trust your soul. You know that teaching what you’ve learned is now your role.
So find someone who needs to know, find Pollyanna

written for Joey and anyone suffering from cancer or a life-threatening illness