As we are smack in the midst of our first heat wave of 2010 (please don’t think that this is our ‘only’ one) let’s review the basics. First, please make sure to check on your elders and pets and make sure they are safe. Next, we are instructed to take extra measures on conserving energy so we don’t put extra tax on these grids and find ourselves in the dark, literally.  This all makes perfect sense, but why can’t we take basic measures to conserve throughout the year?  If we could make it a habit of thinking along these lines on a daily basis, these moments of crisis wouldn’t seem so bothersome.

In my attempts to use my song ‘Where To Now?’ to help raise awareness towards our global warming crisis, I’ve joined forces with a website called “STOP GLOBAL WARMING” . Please visit the website and take a moment to look at all the ways WE ALL can conserve energy on A DAILY BASIS! This site also has plenty of ways for you to share this info via websites etc with buttons, banners et al.

My point is simple. Like everything else in life, if we get into habits of taking specific measures and efforts towards what we desire, we won’t feel the pressure of ‘act now or else’!

PLEASE CONSERVE ENERGY                                                                                                    

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